Duties of the Officers and Trustees

The president shall have executive supervision over the activities of the association and shall preside at all meetings. The president shall report annually on the activities of the association at the annual meeting, and shall appoint the members of the committees.

The vice-president shall assume the duties of the president in the event of absence, incapacity, resignation or removal of the president.

The secretary shall keep the minutes of the meetings of the association and the Board of Trustees and maintain a list of members.

The treasurer shall be responsible for the association funds, maintain adequate financial records, collect dues and render an annual report based on calendar year.

The Board of Trustees shall have the power to conduct all affairs of the association, pursuant to the Constitution.


The association shall have the following standing committees:

1. Executive Communications

2. Buildings and Grounds Programs

3. Exhibits and Collections School-Museum Council

Whenever possible, a trustee shall serve as chair/co-chair of committees. The president may appoint other committees as may be necessary.